About On Request

What started with music, is now so much more.



In 2006, Rock On Request Magazine was created out of a desire to promote great music and bring music fans creative and fun interviews, reviews and more from their favorite artists.  Then, as if having a life of its own, the magazine grew and expanded into covering more than just music.  We struck up working relationships with The CW, FOX and Showtime television networks and started interviewing actors from each network's lineup of shows.  RORM has also begun to expand into gaming, fashion, movies and more.  

Never deviating from our love of music, you can be sure that we will always have a strong focus on bringing our readers all the new music news and interviews they can handle, as well as the other aspects of entertainment that comes our way.   In 2012, Rock On Request Magazine will be transforming into On Request Magazine as we go on to cover as many media aspects as possible. 










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