February 14, 2016




Eulogy Recordings artist, Turncoat, is coming out hot into the punk/hardcore scene.  We had the opportunity to talk with the band recently about their upcoming EP, touring and more.


ON REQUEST:  Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you guys formed Turncoat?


JIM:  Turncoat was formed in Mid-late 2014 with ex members of Denouncer, Smash your enemies and Tides of war. Collectively we were able to come together and we agreed that there were things that just weren't being said by any other metal/hardcore bands at that time that we felt we needed to convey.

OR:  What would you say the overall theme of your upcoming EP is?


JIM:  The over all theme of the ep is being self and socially aware. Its about fighting the urge to settle into a mold of what you think you're supposed to be. Or what we are told to be.

OR:  You've been known to take influence from 80's hardcore punk and thrash. What was it about those genres that resonated with you as artists?


KEITH:  That's the music most of us grew up on, the first bands we really took interest in. We draw alot of influence musically from the 80s and thrash wether it be our guitar tone to the way we layout our songs. Something about that raw sound from back then makes everything feel more real and down to earth. Far too often things are over produced and sound weak. Bands like Slayer , King Diamond , sepultura,  madball, ect that's where I draw alot of my influence from.

OR:  You've spent your first year touring most of the US already, and are talking about plans to continue touring for this upcoming EP release.  Do you think it's more rewarding as an artist to play venues and cities you've established a fanbase in, or do you enjoy getting to new places
and making new connections more?


KEITH:  Yes, we have spent most of our first year in existence touring and trying to get our name out. We have no plans to slow down in 2016. We have over half the year already planned out. February 8th we start our " Road Warriors " Tour  going everywhere from Tennessee florida georgia Alabama Texas Louisiana  oklahoma and everywhere in between. As well as we have a 4 day run in march with Chipped Teeth leading up to the No Way Out Fest in Georgia that CT and ourselfs headline day two. There are plans to tour Canada for the first time later this year as well as talks of a European tour. Apon release of our debut EP via Eulogy Recordings  this spring/ summer , we plan on being on the road as much as possible to promote this EP.

OR:   If you could put your perfect show lineup together, who would you want to play with and why?


KEITH:  if we could put together a dream line up including ourselfs I'd have to say it be,
Power trip
Comeback kid

If this was a tour I couldn't even imagine how crazy that would be. Not only do we love all of these bands but I feel like even though everyone has their own thing they bring to the table that's unique from everyone else, it would be such a great package. You get a little taste of everything in hardcore. Turnstile brings the 90's groove, power trip has the thrash and headbang, comeback kid would have everyone stage diving and singing their hearts out and lionheart would just bring the noise harder than anyone else. Those guys are so tough live. Haha.


OR:   Tell us one of your favorite or most interesting stories from your time on tour.


KEITH:  Oh, the stories I could tell but I'll keep it safe for work, haha.
On our first US tour we were headed west to play a few dates in California.  On the way we were in the mountains Arizona in the desert, mid day. So I don't even have to explain how hot it was. The van breaks down on the side of the hi way with nothing around for at least 50 miles. After spending hours in the heat ,we somehow got the van to make it to the nearest town. Replaced part after part after part and nothing worked. Long story short we spent two days sleeping in a van that wouldn't start up in an orileys parking lot. The best part is once we finally got back on the road and we're finally in California, we barely missed missed a landslide about a mile ahead of us. The west coast just wanted to keep us there so bad. 


OR:  Tell us something about the band that can't be found on a simple Google search.


KEITH:  That's a really tough one because as a band we have been very public about everything.
Some personal things about us though that you prob can't learn on Google search is that Keith used to host/ run a Acapela Rap battle League called "Speak Up Battle League.  Jim attended Harvard Law school for three months before dropping out to pursue his love for music and finding the perfect cheese for his special mystery meat burgers that he sells from a cart down by the pier. Nick our bass player has attended every single NASA space camp every year since 1992.


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