Five Reasons You Need To Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Video by The Banshee Pilot

February 12, 2016




We get a lot of requests to check out new music and new videos that artists put out.   To be honest, it can get to a point that they start to just bleed into one another, unless they are in a class by themselves.   Such is the case with The Banshee Pilot.


After watching the debut video for 'If You Wanted Riches, Honey, You Should Have Married A Doctor,' we felt compelled to share a short list with our readers to let you know how important it is to check it out.


  1. The name of the track/video shows that there is depth to  this band.  Anyone can give a song a short title, but a title like this speaks to their writing ability.

  2. The band is billed as a hybrid between Panic At The Disco and My Chemical Romance.   Do I really need to explain this one?

  3. The video is cinematic, nothing short of a mini movie.  There are plenty of videos out there that are short and to the point, but the ones that stay with us are the lengthy, artfully executed videos like this one. 

  4. It keeps you guessing.  From the very beginning, to the change in tempo, to what seems like an's just all good. 

  5. This band lives up to the hype.  Every last bit of it.  From the vocals, to the musicianship, to the spectacle of this video......The Banshee Pilot is the real deal.






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