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Gallows Bound is a punk/bluegrass band from Winchester, VA.  They combine these two genres to create a truly unique and unforgettable sound.   We had the opportunity to chat with the band recently about how the band came together, their recent album, video and more.


ON REQUEST:  First of all, tell us a little bit about how your came up with this unique twist of yours on the punk and bluegrass genres.


GALLOWS BOUND:  Most of our members were in various punk bands before forming Gallows Bound. Our hometown is pretty heavily steeped in bluegrass and traditional country music with local festivals and old time jams. So we combined our love of punk rock with the more traditional roots of our area and here we are, confusing people every day. 

OR:  You have described your first album "Empty Flask, Empty Heart", as an "aggressive yet melodic collection". How then would you describe the second and self-titled album?


GB: Our first album was the beginning of us really starting to figure out our sound and the dynamic of us writing music together. I feel that our second self-titled album is more in-depth and honest as we've started to own our experiences and songwriting style. 


OR:  What was the inspiration behind the official video for "Sink In The Soil"?


GB:  Great question..I decided to ask the producer of the video, Doug Stanford, since we gave him full creative control. " The initial idea were the scenes of Jesse, looking down at him while he sang, being dragged to his death by Jordan. Jesse described the song as being about something like 'being a piece of shit and getting what's coming to you', so that inspired the idea of a betrayal within the band.  Working outward from the dragging, the rest of the storylines began to develop. The woods has always been a place where stuff can get dark to me, things quickly disappear into the shadows and trees, thematically I liked going from a bonfire jam party (on the surface) into this darker world where the only light is found where you'll die. Aside from that I drew some inspiration from the tone and style of earlier Coen brothers movies, some of the stuff shot by Barry Sonnenfeld.  And have you ever seen a photo of Aaron?  Look deep into those eyes and tell me he doesn't have a bullet with your name on it." -Doug Stanford (producer & director) 


OR:  Tell us a little bit about how your upcoming tour came together, and who you will be touring with.


GB:  We've done shorter runs before but never six weeks straight so this tour is a way for us to take things to the next level in seriousness and begin to establish ourselves as a nationally touring band. We're doing the first half of our tour with Old Salt Union from Bellville, IL and hooking up with various locals in between. We've also got a few California dates with Delta Bombers and will be finishing the tour with The Goddamn Gallows in Springfield, MO.  

OR:  If you could play a show or tour internationally, where would you want to take your show and why?


GB:  I don't know that I could pick one place in particular but I hope we get to tour a lot of Europe in the near future. That's definitely a bucket list goal for Gallows Bound.

OR:  How much of your hometown and background influence the album, and what artists would you say had the most impact on you as a band?


GB:  It's funny growing up in a small town because I always hated it as a kid, but now that we travel as much as we do we take a great deal of pride in Winchester, VA. Some of the imagery in our lyrics are certainly derivative from living in the Shenandoah Valley. As far as influential artists go, our inspirations range from old Against Me! to Old Crow Medicine Show to Choking Victim. 


OR:  What can you tell us about the band that couldn't be found on an internet search?   Something way under the radar?


GB:  We've all been friends for over 10 years and are more like family than a group of musicians. Also our mandolin player Forrest is highly allergic to jalapeños. 


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