February 15, 2016


Heat Of Damage is a hard rock band from Sacramento, CA made up of Julian Bohland (drums), Jared Easter (bass/hardcore vocals), David Haug (Lead Vocals), and Nick Lassalette (Lead Guitar).  We spoke with them recently about their latest album, touring and more.


ON REQUEST:  First off, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.  Tell us a little bit about the inspiration for your latest album.


  •  “When we get together to write, we typically like to talk about our lives and the conflicts we might face. This was also our debut album and we wanted to make a statement like who we are, how we sound and what we are about.” - Julian


  • “We wanted to write something that perfectly demonstrated what Heat Of Damage is all about and I think we achieved that.” - Nick


OR:   Having self-produced your first EP, and now having worked on your latest album in the studio,what would you say is the biggest advantage or difference between self-producing your work and working in a studio atmosphere?


  • “Having no professional experience or training in music production, comparing our own self-made material to our studio material is really comparing apples to oranges. Having knowledgeable producers and engineers work on our recordings with us did wonders to the quality of the tracks we put on our professionally-done releases, the Lifestyle EP, and Open Fire album.” - David


  • “The biggest difference of course is the finished product. We love how this record sounds. And of course, we want the next one to be even better.” - Nick


OR:   What do you hope to bring to the alt-rock/metal genre that maybe hasn't been heard before?


  • “I hope that Heat Of Damage stands out as a band that can’t be completely categorized, in the sense that the songs we write encompass many different musical influences and sub-genres of hard rock/metal. I would like to see us stay versatile, and not fall into a single style that we can’t break out of.” - David


  • “While our niche is the heavy metal and hard rock sound, one element I find signature to this band is our use of blues solos in our composition. This plays a key factor to our music. I believe it is very unique to our band and something that makes us stand out from all the other bands.” - Julian


OR:  You've had great success in the Sacramento area with your work. Are there plans to expand further into Northern or Southern California, or maybe even in other states with a tour?


  • “Beginning in 2016 we will definitely be breaking out of Sacramento. We have already performed a show at the iconic Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, and plan to hit various cities throughout California as the year goes on. A full-out tour would be ideal of course, perhaps reaching out of state as well.” - David


  • “A major focus right now is to play in as many places as possible to get the word spread as far as we can. The sooner we tour, the better.” - Nick


OR:  What bands or artists have influenced you and your music as a whole?


  • “Metallica and Iron Maiden were the first bands that got me into Metal. My repertoire for bands grew alongside my interest in the genre, but they were the ultimate first.” - David


  • “Guns N Roses were my first introduction to Hard Rock music. But it wasn't until I found Led Zeppelin that I wanted to play the drums. It also wasn't until I discovered Slipknot that I wanted to add a double bass pedal to my first drum kit. All those bands have definitely played a huge part in my musical inspiration” - Julian


  • “In terms of guitar playing, Stevie Ray Vaughan is my main influence. The Beatles are by far my favorite band of all time for their creativity in their song writing. Bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Trivium, Metallica and many others are massive inspirations for me.” - Nick


OR:  What theme, ideal or meaning do you hope your fans will get from your new album?


  • “Our songs are typically written for open interpretation for the listener. However on this record we discuss many topics such as betrayal, violence, substance abuse, and so on. I definitely see our fans being able to make a connection with those subjects.” - Julian


OR:   What are your future plans now that you have released this album?


  • “We already have ideas floating around for what will go into our second album, following Open Fire. As of right now though, the important thing is supporting Open Fire as much as we can, and getting it into as many hands as possible. We want the album to be heard all over!” - David


  • “We plan on playing as many shows in as many places in front of as many people as possible as possible.” - Nick


OR:   If you could hand pick who you toured with on a big tour, who would you pick and why?


  • “Some bands I've always dreamed of touring with are Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Deftones and Slipknot.” Julian


  • “A few bands off the top of my head would be Papa Roach, Deftones, Trivium, We Are Harlot. There are so many I could pick.” - Nick






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