March 2, 2016




The Offer is a rock/hard rock/post-hardcore band out of Panama City, Florida.  They've been making a lot of noise (the good kind) lately, and have played alongside some great bands such as Adelitas Way, Nothing More, Motionless In White, just to name a few.  We had the pleasure of interviewing them recently in hopes of giving our readers some insight into this emerging band.


ON REQUEST:  Tell us a bit about yourselves as a band and your album, "Adrift".


THE OFFER:  The Offer is a five-piece hard rock band based out of Panama City, FL. We all have an intense love of performing and we really like to include the audience in that. Shows are meant to be a fun, welcoming experience, so we’re the kind of band that encourages singalongs and moving your feet.


OR:  In what way would you say "Adrift" differed from your earlier work, and would you say this more accurately represented your band's vision or was this merely an extension of the band's musical reportoire? 


TO:  “Adrift” is about half the running time of our previous full-length, which lets us get straight to the point. The songs are immediate and loud. We wanted to go for intimate lyrics and big choruses. It definitely represents our band’s sound and gives some clues about where we might be headed next.


OR:  A lot of artists tend to take influence from either their surroundings or the artists they grew up listening to? Would you say your hometown had any sort of influence on your sound or formation, or perhaps did another band play a role in your band's history?


TO:  A lot of bands feel the same things we all feel, that sense of restlessness or longing for something bigger than their roots. That’s why bands try to spend so much time on the road, to reach new audiences. While we want to embrace that side of things, it’s also important to us to remember where we come from and the people we love at home. That enables us to progress as performers and writers without losing touch with what really matters. You can definitely hear that willingness to explore and move out in our sound, but it also has a level of comfortability, as well. After all, we couldn’t do any of this without the support of our loved ones who believe in us.


OR:  As a band, what excites you more: getting into the studio to record new music, or hitting the road to play live shows?


TO:  Both have their merits. While it’s always exciting to lay down a new track and hear our work solidified, we love playing shows and it’s always exciting to meet new people and make new connections and friends.


OR:  Where do you hope to play shows in 2016?


TO:  We will most definitely be at this year’s JBG Rockfest in South Florida and we will be all over the south, for sure.


OR:  If you could put together your perfect lineup for bands to tour with, who would you put on the bill and why?


TO:  We’re big fans of the band Nothing More and have been able to share the stage with them. Any bands in that mold are a great fit for us and it’d be an honor to tour with them.


OR:  Tell us something about The Offer that we can't find by googling the band's name. 


TO:  Many of our songs use pop culture as a filter for more complicated topics, so keen listeners will be able to pick up references in our songs to movies, books, and television! Thank you!


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