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Mudface recently popped up on our radar with a level of intensity that hit us right in the face.  With the release of their latest record 'The Bane Of Existence' on 03/18/16, we had a lot of questions for the band and knew our readers would want to get to know them a bit better.


ON REQUEST:  What was the process like when bringing "The Bane of Existence" to life?


CHRIS DISMORE:  We didn’t have much time to write for this record, but I think that actually helped us keep an openmind and go in directions we hadn't gone before. We knew we wanted the album to have energy and to be dynamic, a big part of our sound, but we knew we needed to challenge ourselves and not follow the same path we had in the past. Working with Bob Marlette and Sahaj Ticotin really challenged us to think outside the box. And although uncomfortable at times, the end result is something we are all very proud of.


ROB KOLOWITZ:  It was a crazy time. Our drummer (Noe Luna) had given notice and we had given up our rehearsalspace. We had half the songs written but we were in limbo. Then we made the connection with Sahaj and Bob Marlette. We immediately had to find a rehearsal spot and get writing. Noe was super cool and agreed to work with us on writing & recording demo versions of the songs. I then contacted Sasha Horn (ex Forbidden drummer) to record on the album. We travelled to SoCal, Sasha flew in from Arizona and we spent two 12 hour days going over all the songs. It was the first time we had ever played with Sasha. He is simply amazing. Sasha took Noe’s parts and put his own touches and in some cases wrote new parts. On the 3rd day we met with Bob & Sahaj to review the tunes. All the drums were recorded in Bob’s family room. We were stressed as hell, but Sahaj and Bob were super cool and brought out the best in all of us. It was the most memorable month of my life.


OR:  What influenced or inspired you most when making this album?


CD:  The band was going through some changes right before we were getting ready to write for the album.That and some personal things as well and I think we used that to motivate and inspire us. Sometimes when you have obstacles in your life and your backs against the wall, is when all of your truths come out. For me lyrically it's when I'm at my best.


RK:  The band was on the ropes. We had internal strife, I was going through a divorce. It was a time of turmoil and personal reflection so we all dug a little deeper than we ever had before.


OR:  What would you classify the theme of this album as being?


CD:  We all make choices in life, which I believe carves your life's path. Sometimes you learn from badchoices made, you live and learn and become a better person because of it, some people never learn and create their own personal hell and for some people a card is dealt for them and they have no choice whatsoever.


OR:  What are your plans for touring with the release of this album?


CD:  Now that the album release prep work is done, we plan on beginning with some short tours beginningon the west coast and just start making our way east. We will play where anyone will have us. Hopefully be able to jump on a festival or two this summer. And of course we would love to play Europe, South America, etc.


OR:  What other bands would you think would benefit you most to tour with?


CD:  Well for me, I would love to tour with Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Ministry, Fear Factory, some of ourgreat Bay area bands such as Death Angel and Machine Head. Just to name a few. I have so much respect for those who have been doing this for years.


RK:  I think we would benefit most from touring with bands that are both a little heavier and a little lighterthan us. So I would think bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Death Angel, Rob Zombie and Lamb of God would have fans that would be receptive to us.


OR:  What is one interesting story from your time as a band playing shows on the road?


CD:  Breaking two ribs from beer being poured all over the stage and slipping and falling right on top of thefloor monitor then playing two more shows back to back and re cracking those ribs..ugh… A guy literally got on his hands and knees one night begging me to sleep with his wife, hilarious. One night in San Diego, the sound guy made the mistake of jumping onstage to fix a kick drum mic and ends up getting wrapped up in cables. I look over and I see this guy writhing around on the ground like a Python had him in its grips or something. I think one of us tried to free him but to no avail. That dude was so pissed. For the last two songs he was just sitting on the ground sulking and cursing. Still to this day don't know how he got into that mess.


OR:  Tell us something about Mudface that we could never learn from a simple google search?


RK:  Some of the gear we use is over 30 years old and we have no plans to replace it anytime soon! Also,the two lead characters in our Hellfoot video are in a band called Tyrannosaurus Christ.


You can head over to our REVIEWS page to read our review of 'Banes Of Existence.'  You can also listen to the album on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/album/793UqrtGtuA1BmH4xY0idL


Mudface's 'The Bane Of Existence' is now available on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-bane-of-existence/id10850





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