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June 20, 2017



When it comes to showcasing emerging artists, I have always felt that local bands deserve a whole lotta love.   After all, every great band you've ever heard of was once a local band.  Hell, a couple of my local bands were Van Halen and Motley Crue.....ever hear of 'em?


With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to Faded Years.  They are a Los Angeles based Alternative Rock band with a very diverse style.   We had a chance to find out more about them recently.


ON REQUEST:  How did your band come together?


Oren: I was on my 2nd year at Musician's Institute in Hollywood around the time I started looking to join or start a band in 2016. Santiago saw my post in one of the local LA musicians groups on Facebook and sent me some songs to check out. We met somewhere around Glendale to jam and I guess we both felt it was a good fit, similar taste and a similar song and lyric oriented approach to music.


Santiago: We had a rough start trying to solidify our line up, with lots of rotating bass players and drummers. We met Stephen in mid 2016 at Musician’s Institute and we immediately clicked! Playing live really started driving us forward and I believe has finally gotten us on the right path.


OR:  How would you say the music scene or the process of creating music differs from Virginia to California? Santiago: Having had the opportunity to start my music career in the Virginia-Carolina region and then moving to California has truly been a great experience. I think a lot of musicians tend create their sound based on their environment, and then begin to change and adapt as their environment changes. LA is such a creative place for music, and I’ve definitely seen my songwriting evolve and morph during my time in California.


OR:  Tell us a little bit about your single, July. What message or theme do you hope to convey to your audience with this song?


Santiago: July is a special song for me because it was written during a time of self-doubt in my early twenties. As you get older, there’s a lot of pressure to change. That pressure may come from your significant other, your friends, family or society in general. July is about being you and making no apologies for it.


OR:  How would you describe your band's sound to new listeners?


Oren: That's a very hard question. I honestly believe we're not even sure what our sound is yet. Even though we have more than a few songs and have been crafting them for a long period, it seems that after our new single July we really found a common ground and we're definitely building on that for new material. I guess the easy answer of Alternative Rock, which is a pretty broad spectrum nowadays, is the best we can say for now... Maybe check back in a year.


OR:  Which is the most rewarding: recording new material or getting on stage and performing?


Santiago: That’s a hard one! Nothing beats the feeling of playing your instrument live in a room full of people; however, listening to your ideas come to life through recording is an experience of it’s own. I think currently, recording new material is the most rewarding for me.


Oren: For me nothing beats playing live... of course I still feel the need to have something to say and performing our own material is a lot more satisfying than just playing a few covers. But I'd almost always prefer to be on stage playing new songs than in the studio recording them.


OR:  What are your future plans? Any new music or tour plans in the near future?


Oren: We already have a couple of new songs in the works, and now that we're finally generating some attention we have a few bigger shows lined up. But I think our top priority right now is still working on new material. When you're a relatively new band I think crafting the exact sound you want out of your music is the main priority.


OR:  What would you say is unique about the band? What sets you apart?


Stephen: The fact that it has a very different cultural blend –Santiago being from Colombia, Oren from Israel and me from New York - an unusual mix, and hearing that blend together into coherent pieces of music, where you can still hear each influence. It's like the 90s alternative rock scene was resurrected with a potion containing Latin and jazz elements to breathe new life into something that hasn't been all that relevant for many years.


The band recently recorded a performance for our Live Lounge.   Check it out here:  LIVE LOUNGE


Be sure to check out Faded Years official site at:  https://www.fadedyears.com/



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