Interview with AMANDA WYSS

October 13, 2017



Unless you absolutely hate horror movies or have been living under a rock, you will not be quite as excited about this story.   If you are like most people who follow and love the horror genre, you saw the name Amanda Wyss and just about flipped!   Amanda has played pivotal roles in some of the most iconic horror movies ever made.  Just one role you may remember would be the role of Tina, the very first kill committed by Freddy Krueger in the original 'Nightmare On Elm Street' movie.   Her death is still noted to be one of the longest and most gruesome kills in horror movie history.  Needless to say, when we heard Amanda would be one of the talented actors taking part in a new SyFy original horror movie helmed by none other than Stan Lee we knew we wanted to speak with her.  


Witten and directed by Peter Sullivan (Ominous, Summoned) (whose production company, Hybrid, is known for exceptional movies for television), the story is crafted around eight year old 'Madison' (Shae Smolik) who, when her father is found dead, goes to live with her aunt 'Claire' (Haylie Duff), a struggling artist in a nearby city. It isn’t long before Claire realizes that the young girl has unusual powers, including the ability to manifest a frightening boogeyman she calls “The Sandman.” Claire quickly begins to suspect that the Sandman might be responsible not only for the death of Madison’s father, but many other victims across the country. "The Sandman" is executive produced by Stan Lee alongside Gill Champion, Barry Barnholtz (Leprechaun), and Jeffrey Schenck (Finders Keepers, The Crooked Man), The Sandman, which Executive produced by Lee alongside Gill Champion, Barry Barnholtz (Leprechaun), and Jeffrey Schenck (Finders Keepers, The Crooked Man), The Sandman, which with a clandestine government agency closing in on the young girl, Claire and Madison will have to work together to find a way to stop the Sandman before he claims his next victim. Factor in the sinister 'Valentine' (Tobin Bell) who leads a cadre of bureaucrats who do not mean well and soon, strange things start happening whenever Madison is around. Things move around by themselves. Cabinet doors open and close. Almost as if there’s some kind of supernatural entity in the house. It's a journey you'll have to fully experience to understand. 


The Sandman is scheduled to air for the first time on October 14th on the SyFy channel, but is sure to be available on demand ater the fact as well.  Check your television subscriber network for upcoming showings in your area.   Enjoy our in depth interview with Amanda Wyss below.



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