Artist Feature - Olivia Cella

October 16, 2018


We recently reviewed a new single from a talented young artist by the name of Olivia Cella.  Her recently released track 'Us2' is a great pop/r&b tune that has been stuck in my head since my first listen.  We are happy to present the video to our readers, as well as this interview we had the pleasure of doing with Olivia.


ON REQUEST:  I understand you began singing very early on.  Can you tell me what first sparked your interest in singing?

OLIVIA CELLA:  I started taking singing lessons at six years old but I was in choir when I was four. I loved music from the moment I was born and I still constantly sing all the time. The moment I knew my passion was more than just a hobby was when I was watching Lady Gaga perform live on TV. She was singing and playing piano and dancing all at the same time. I remember just staring in complete awe at how talented she was. She is the real deal and one of my biggest inspirations. I knew from that moment on I wanted to be able to play piano and sing and wow an audience like her one day because she made me feel so empowered. 

OR:  YouTube has obviously been a great platform for young artists like yourself.  Did you have any particular YouTubers that inspired you to start your own channel doing covers?

OC:  There was really no one in particular that sparked my interest but I had friends who pushed me to start a channel because they all loved my voice. My friend Hayden Summerall had me as his love interest in one of his covers and I remember having so much fun shooting his video with him and being in front of the camera, and that night I went home and decided I wanted to make covers too.

OR:  You've also done some acting.  Do you see yourself continuing that as well if your music career continues to take off the way it seems it will?

OC:  Awe thank you!! Yes, I will continue to act as well. I originally started acting and only really starting pursing music more when I was 12. I love both so much but singing is just something that feels so right.  I’m not me without music. 

OR:  It must be exciting to see your music video on MTV.  Did you envision yourself achieving that goal at age 17?

OC:  When my mom told me the news I actually jumped up and down. I remember watching my biggest inspirations on that show and was in complete disbelief when I found out that my song/music video was going to be on MTV.

OR:  What current pop artists inspire you?

OC:  I have so many this is such a hard question because I am inspired by everyone who puts themselves out there and does something they love. I still love Lady Gaga as well as Tamia, Sza, Kahlid and Chance the Rapper. 

OR:  Now that the single has dropped, what's coming up next for you?

OC:  I am going to be performing a lot more live! I really want to work on my skills as a singer because there is just so much to always learn and work on. I am of course going to be working on new music too! 

OR:  Can you tell our readers something about yourself that they won't find by doing a simple Google search?

OC:  I am the youngest certified yoga teacher in the Sate of New Jersey! I teach Aerial Yoga on Tuesday Nights! Ive been doing yoga all my life and I love teaching it!




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