December 20, 2018


I recently had the pleasure of reviewing an upcoming album by a Michigan band by the name of Float Here Forever, and come January I have no doubt it will be causing an uproar upon its release.  With that said, I knew a review wouldn't be enough to share with our readers.   Thankfully, the band agreed to answer a few questions for us.


ON REQUEST:  Can you give us a little background history for the band for our readers?   When and where you guys got started?


FLOAT HERE FOREVER:  Darrell and Nick met in Detroit in 2008 to collaborate on a score for a local horror movie.  That partnership turned into the creation of their music library ALP Music where they went on to create over 2000 songs in all different genres.  We always wanted to get back to what we loved the most and that was rock and punk music. After auditioning singers and guitar players and nothing clicking, Darrell took over on vocals and we set out as a 3-piece. Samantha joined the band March of 2017 and then started recording and demoing Tour the Ruins.


OR.  There isn’t nearly as many punk bands out there as there used to be. What drew you to the genre?


FHF:  Raw energy and the enjoyment of being physically and mentally exhausted after playing a set. Listening and watching bands like Fugazi, Gnarwolves and Converge you feel an energy and emotional high that's alluring, frantic yet controlled. All genres of music
have their charm but bombastic energetic rock has a vibrancy we like to emulate.


OR:  You also have some great alternative and classic rock elements to your music.  Do you think blending multiple genres helps you to appeal to a wider audience?


FHF: We hope so. We're influenced by many artists and I think it naturally comes out in our writing. If people can pick up on our melding of influences we're thrilled.


OR:  When I first heard your music I thought you’d be a great Warped Tour band, if the tour still existed. Are there other festivals you have in mind for the band?


FHF:  Riot Fest, Rock on the Range, MoPop Festival or anywhere. We just love to play.


OR:  Punk is a genre that works so well live.  Do you thrive on playing live shows?


FHF:  Playing live is addictive and helps craft our songs for the studio. It's something we will do until our body’s tell us otherwise.  Every show we play hard and try to give the audience something to enjoy. We've been inspired by bands that leave it all on stage and we want to walk away from every show feeling like we gave it everything we have. 


OR:  Since your album is dropping in January, do you have any touring plans to promote it?


FHF:  We are planning several Midwest tours and have been invited to some shows overseas in Scotland in the UK.  You can always catch us playing around Metro Detroit.


OR:  Can you tell us something about the band that we can’t find by searching the internet?

FHF: The cover of the album is a tattoo Darrell has on his leg.









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December 20, 2018

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